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"Elswick is what writers should be, brave and unabashed about
                    the truths that only he can truly understand."                                                                                  --   Veritas Vincit, Amazon

What the Els?

A few months ago, I began a biography on an Iraqi war veteran until . . . let's just say it was nixed for legal reasons. Anyhow, I loved telling her story; I was hooked. Today, I'm under contract & writing my first biography, Never Too Late. In the future, I'll only be writing biographies and memoirs. Also, as you may have noticed, I'm part of Biogrophers International Organization, aka

Having struggled through some growing/learning pains, I'm no longer the ignorant newbie writer that I once was. I'm ecstatic about writing now that I've finally found my niche. Plain and simple, I'm a biographer and back to writing under the imprint of Modern History Press.

P.S. The title, What the Els? When I was a sportswriter, I had a column by that name. So, that's my blog. :)
November 16 (Th)
In the spirit of getting old, I’ve decided that November is my doctor month. Thus far, EKG, endoscopy, colonoscopy, prostate exam, (during the colonoscopy—I was asleep and didn’t know it was done; YES!) minor surgery—removal of tonsil tag—physical and a skin test haven't revelaed anything. (There's still more to come, though.) Today, 88 allergy tests later, I found the reason I’ve had so many issues w/my throat the past 20, 30 years. Among other things, I'm allergic to . . .  beef. Seriously??? Turns out, it swells up my throat.

P.S. Daddy's Home 2 is amazing; very, very funny. 
November 15 (W)
So, tonight my girfriend and I are going to see Daddy's Home 2. That looks to be pretty funny. Last week, we went and Bad Mom's; it was very funny. I'll leave a review on here.
November 13 (M)
Hope it was a great weekend. I had a lot of fun at a Pure Pro Wrestling event, talking w/Father Time and a few other wrestlers. I even met a midget wrestler. A bunch of us were talking, and she said that she's working about 300 shows/year throught the nation. (That's 300 days/year, people.) I'm so impressed by these indie wrestlers who are taking it seriously and working a lot/all over. Some of these guys--and girls--are really busting their butts and chasing their dreams.

Now, back to Never too Late. I believe I landed a full-time photographer for the book just by chance. This man was ringside snapping pictures, and he had taken a ton of photos of Father Time. I have to talk w/my publisher, but this guy has been around wrestling, shooting pictures for a while. I believe his work will add to the quality. In addition, I heard some great stories to add. I'm getting very excited about this.

As a side note, my Lions trounced (I use that word loosly.) the Browns, and my Wolverines spanked Maryland. It was a good weekend on the football fields.

November 10 (F)
So, I'm back into completing Never too Late, hot and heavy. I've been transcribing interviews all day, and I will be doing that a lot more today. Plus, I'll be attending a PPW event on Sunday to conduct some follow-up interviews with wrestlers who I've already interviewed. Not much to report. I'll probably take the weekend off of reporting then starting Monday I'll have a much-better analysis of where the book's progress.
November 9 (Th)
As I sit and wait for a return phone call for Never too Late, I've been listening to Mark Dawson's appearance on The Creative Penn podcast, with Joanna Penn, about Ads on Amazon for Writers. It's pretty informative. I urge writer's to check it out. It's podcast # 313.

Also, I haven't launched/announced the new website format and The Write Choice. If you're, by chance, reading this, please shoot an email to [email protected] I'm anxious to hear ideas about what you like to read and learn about. In the future, I'll also be having Giv-A-Ways from this website. I'm hoping by the end of the month, it'll be completely finished--along with the book, Never too Late: Father Time's Journey into Professional Wrestling. Finally, there's one more page on the website that's hidden. I can't wait to unveil it. However, that probably won't be until the new year.

November 7 (Tu)
So, I deleted a few months of blog material in order to have my entire website professionally revamped by the super-talented Jeanette Cole. To anyone experiencing difficulty setting up a website, Mrs. Cole is polite, professional, and punctual. You won't be sorry to contact her at [email protected] 

My upcoming release, Never too Late: Father Time's Journey into Professional Wrestling is progressing quite well, now. After a few unforseeable setbacks, we're finally back on track and expecting the book to be completed by the end of this month. It's been such a pleasure to learn some ins-and-outs of the professional wrestling industry while putting one wrestler's bizzare path into wrestling onto paper.