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"Elswick is what writers should be, brave and unabashed about
                    the truths that only he can truly understand."                                                                                  --   Veritas Vincit, Amazon

Never Too Late:
Father Time's Journey into Professional Wrestling
How often have you thought about your unfulfilled dreams of yesteryear?
Is should've, could've, and would've part of your internal dialogue, daily?

​Like many others youths, one boy had visions of becoming a professional, a professional wrestler. As he approached his seventh decade on earth, it appeared it was just another dead, childhood dream. After all, cancer, strokes, near-fatal decisions, and blindness prevented his pursuit. Then, to his family's surprise, he decided to finally give it a go. Never Too Late: Father Time's Journey into Professional Wrestling, details one man's bizzare journey to defy Father Time. In the process, he becomes Father Time.