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"Elswick is what writers should be, brave and unabashed about
                    the truths that only he can truly understand."                                                                                  --   Veritas Vincit, Amazon

A Dad's Guide to Buying...Those (and other tales)
In this collection of short essays based on personal experiences, Mark Elswick offers humorous episodes about being a man and father. Whether it’s his daughter sending him to the store to buy those…well, things that transforms him into “Padman”; his realization that at forty-two, he is slowly turning into an old man; or his reaction to his middle school aged daughter dating a “man” two years older than her, readers—male and female alike—will find themselves cracking smiles when they aren’t busy laughing out loud.  $2.99 e-book  $14.99 Paperback  18/18 reviews $4.95 e-book  $14.99 Paperback  $.99 short story  $0.99 short story  18/18 reviews for individual story 
"Faith,” is a 3,000-word, suspense-filled, edge-of-your-seat short story.
When an elderly neighbor calls 911 because she sees flames shooting from the Scott house, the story begins dripping with adrenaline and anticipation. 
But, did she notice too late? 
Danni (mom) and Pammy (18-mo. old sister) escape. Unfortunately, 6 y/o Ty is left upstairs, accidentally. 
Read as the panic-stricken mother and community, which has gathered around the house, beg God for mercy, asking for some sort-of miracle. Also, the fire crew's sense of urgency is nearly unprecedented as the firefighters frantically fight to save Ty.  $0.99 short story  3/3 reviews  $0.99 short story  $0.99 short story  18/18 reviews 
The Note
short story
Over twenty-five years ago, after my best friend kept me out drinking all night. Hours later, I woke up five hours late for a job for that I had just started a week earlier. I was barely 20 and knew I'd probably get fired for it. Using my quick thinking skills, I hurried to the Emergency Room, "inventing" an illness on the ride there. I figured that I'd get a doctor's note and save my job.
However, when I unfolded my not-so-quite-brilliant plan in his office, I never expected what would happen next. $0.99   16/16 reviews               $0.99
A Four-Letter Word Men Hate to Hear
short story
What is the one four-letter word that men cannot stand to hear uttered from any woman's mouth? Think you know?
Surprisingly, the Word is a common word. However, still nobody can ever come close to guessing it.
Can you?
Mark Elswick lets you inside a man's mind . . . again . . . as he regrettably anticipates hearing that ONE horrific word from his girlfriend. Like every man can attest, it is approaching as sure as darkness will fall on a steamy summer day. The only questions are when will this word be hurled and . . . how often?  $0.99 short story  13 reviews 4.7 rating
Recovering the Self
A Journal of Hope and Healing (Vol. III, No. 4) -- Focus on Parenting by Mark Elswick (2011) Paperback​​  $3.95 e-book  $12.87 Paperback