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"Elswick is what writers should be, brave and unabashed about
                    the truths that only he can truly understand."                                                                                  --   Veritas Vincit, Amazon

 About Me

​​I used to be just a sportswriter--c'mon, that "just" word is how many erroneously feel about sportswriters--until life forced me out of my dream occupation. Little did I know at the time, that I'd return to writing, only I'd write books. ​​

My career began by accident. A publisher heard about Padman--the short story-- from a friend. He asked if I had more short stories, and voila, Padman--the book--was born. Suddenly, it was receiving glowing reviews across the country. One reviewer even called me "the next Dave Barry." I had found my destiny. . . . so I thought. 

Writing opportunities seemed limitless. However, most readers tend to focus on only one genre. For instance, if a person writes terror-filled books, they’re usually writing for the community of horror readers. Then, there's inspiration, motivation, humor, erotica, drama, and romance, among others. Uncertain where I fit, I ventured into the self-publishing arena for 3+ years in search of "my niche.” 

After self-publishing three novels--all of which were very poorly edited (You get what you pay for.) and rushed to print--I knew self pubbing wasn't for me. Lke a lost child in the grocery story, I was lost and miserable, wanting to run to my mommy--aka publisher.  

I have come full-circle and reunited with Modern History Press, a division of Loving Healing Press. I'm currently working on my first biography, which will be available later this year wherever books are sold online in America, Canada, UK, and parts of Australia and India. Finally, after having my website professionally created by Jeanette Cole, ([email protected]) my biographical quest is updated almost-daily in The Write Choice .  

After all, writing from the heart is what I do best.